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She then turned the gun she planned to use to kill Seina on herself. We have no idea who her parents are or what her origins are; those are never revealed. Also she will draw blood and step to anyone trying to hurt tenchi, ryoko was down as fuck, and that big hair drove me crazy as a kid lmao. Kiyone has known fellow teacher Mihoshi Mizutani since junior high and deeply resents her. Similar to the original OVA the two trade sword blows, and it is again Kagato who falls.

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Tenchi initially lives in the city with his father to attend school and visits his grandfather’s shrine every summer, where he trains to become a Shinto priest and learn his family’s special style of swordsmanship which happens to be particular to members of Jurai’s Royal Family.

Tenchi even ends up fucking the furry spaceship. He ran that show into the ground, and we’re all much poorer for it. When she saved Seina from drowning, she had erroneously assumed that Tenchi was training Seina, and gave the boy an application to the Academy as well, forgetting a regulation that prohibits citizens of underdeveloped planets from entering however, Tenchi was considered because of his blood connection with the Jurai Royal Family.

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Angered by this, Seina fought Shank and his allies. Shank forced Ryoko to participate in a plan of his by imprisoning the families of her crew and threatened to kill them unless she killed Seina Yamada. Hiroki Hayashi, who directed or otherwise had heavy creative input on shows like El-Hazard, Bubblegum Crisis, Sol Bianca and quite a few more, was also the director and co-creator of Tenchi. Do the movies hold up? My only hope is that the revisionist history surrounding the series one day finally gets properly corrected.


Although she looks like a ten-year-old girl, Neju is actually a year-old high priestess and spiritual leader of her planet. Oct 27, 2, He also meets Mitoto Kuramitsuthe ditzy mother of Mihoshi and cleaning lady extraordinaire, before discovering his friend Kiriko is also a GP officer.

The full extent of Tenchi’s powers is absolutely infinite, as he was stated outright by the Choushin to be as powerful compared to them, who created all the rest of existence, and were classified to be beyond all dimensional space and definition, as they are to ordinary beings.

The two ‘souls’ of Tsunami-kami-sama and Sasami are merging and one day the two rryoko them will be a single being. Tenchi’s higher self is the supreme being of the Tenchi Muyo continuity and all its parallel universes, unfathomably transcends infinity by 3-dimensional standards, and has been stated to be above, outside, and beyond even the hyperdimension that they occupy.

Ayeka possesses various superhuman powers: Ryo-Ohki’s appearance is similar to a cross between a cat and a rabbitand for this reason Ryo-Ohki is commonly referred to as a cabbit.

I always thought the scientist lady was pretty dope and hot. In almost every incarnation her personality, background, primary outfits, relationships and abilities change. Ayeka is briefly transformed with Ryoko into a Love-Love Mhyo by Pixy Misaand becomes more obsessive towards Tenchi until his miyo get through to Ayeka, enabling Pretty Sammy to restore Ayeka to her normal condition.

Ryoko was clearly the better choice for Tenchi | ResetEra

In the anime, Ryoko universally holds an intense rivalry with the character Ayekawho also fights for Tenchi’s affections. Academy as a student. She is seen teaching an English class. Ryo-Ohki has also gained a muyk sister of sorts, in the form of Fuku.


So satisfying when they wind up together at the end of Tenchi Forever.

During this series, she was on a search for her missing brother, Yosho she and Sasami are Tenchi’s great aunts. After Seina would receive the body enhancing modifications he needed to keep up with the other students, Seina moved into Amane’s private home, along with Kiriko and Erma secretly, Erma was in fact the space pirate Ryoko Baltawho was spying on Seina.

They came to the conclusion that a more practical approach was needed. Later, the two officers set up energy collectors on all the camellia trees planted by Katsuhito Masakithus giving Ryoko and Ayeka access to Haruna’s fantasy world.

While the name Ryoko is a common feminine given name in Japanin this instance it is written with very uncommon kanji.

Ryoko was clearly the better choice for Tenchi

Personality and series role In most series, Sasami is the younger sister of Ayeka and so is also a princess of Jurai. I think I remember liking Daughter of Darkness, particularly the ending where I think someone uses tencni giant blade. In episode 9, ‘Sasami and Tsunami’, Tsunami appears temchi a 3D image and says that her form is Sasami’s adult form. Tsunami agreed, but she also told him she could not accompany him In another doujin, Tenchi has a son who has a striking resemblance to Washu, although the boy’s mother is never explicitly revealed.

At the end of the series Sasami visits the now-sleeping Yugi everyday. Mihoshi and Kiyone were originally part of the Galaxy Police task force assigned to apprehend the space pirate Ryoko and her partner Washu in order to tnchi the stolen Jurai Light stone.