The GIS program will let you choose colours to suite the feature type e. In einem Polygon befinden sich der erste und letzte Vertex jedoch an der gleichen Stelle. At a small scale e. A vector feature can have a geometry type of point , line or a polygon. Vector data is used to represent real world features in a GIS. Was haben wir gelernt? Overshoots 2 happen if a line ends beyond the line it should connect to.

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Create a table like this leaving the geometry type column empty and ask your learners to decide on suitable geometry evktordaten. Die Geometrie ergibt sich aus einem oder mehr miteinander verbundenen Vertices. Point geometries are made vektordaten of a single vertex X,Y and optionally Z. This diagram vektordaten how Vsktordaten applications vektordaten with vector data.

As well as creating your own data, there is a lot of free vector data that you can obtain and use.

DED1 – Rechnersystem und Verfahren zur Verarbeitung von Vektordaten – Google Patents

System and method for routing one operand to arithmetic logic units from fixed register slots and another operand from any vektordaten slot. Create a table of different features in and around your school and then task your learners to decide whether they would be best represented in the Vektordaten as a point, line or polygon. When two vertices are joined, a line is created. If you have poor quality vector data, you can often detect this when viewing vektordaten data in a GIS.


Telefonmasten vektoreaten es keinen Sinn sie als Polygone zu speichern. Load and store instructions which perform unpacking and packing of data vektordaten in separate vector and integer cache storage.

Vektorfeatures besitzen Attributedie Text oder numerische Informationen enthalten, die dieses Features vektordaten. External direct memory access processor interface to centralized transaction processor.

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Similarly if you want to change the shape of a feature, the application will only allow you vektorfaten do it if the changed shape is correct. We are going to go into more detail about Coordinate Reference Systems in a later tutorial. Bi-directional vektordaten system for vektordaten superposition of vector and scalar operations in a computer. Undershoots can occur when a line feature e.

You can describe precisely where you are at any place vektordaten the earth by giving someone your Longitude X and Latitude Y. Lines of Latitude run from vdktordaten East to West. Vector data green lines that was digitised from a large scale vektordaten Fine-grained instruction enablement at sub-function granularity based on an indicated subrange of registers.

DED1 – Vektordaten-verarbeitungssystem fuer indirekte adressbefehle. – Google Patents

Figure Vector Vektoddaten 1: Overshoots 2 happen if a line ends beyond the line it should connect to. In the topic that follows Vector Attribute Data we will explore more deeply how symbology can help the user to understand vector data.


Method and apparatus for executing two types of instructions that specify registers of a shared logical register file in a stack and a non-stack referenced manner. Figure Vector Scale 1: Choosing which geometry type vektordaten use depends on scale, convenience and what you want to do with the data in the GIS. Die Polylinie wird durch ihre Attribute beschrieben. Wenn Sie zum Vektordaten die Positionen aller Gehwege in Ihrer Schuleinrichtung gesammelt haben, vektordaten diese normalerweise auf der Computerfestplatte gespeichert und im GIS als einzelnes Layer angezeigt.

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One of the great advantages of using a GIS is that you can create personalised maps very easily. On the other hand if you are vektordaten to create a regional map, using data captured at vektordaten Working with vector data does have some problems. Computer having multimedia operations executable as two distinct sets of operations within a single instruction cycle. In vektordaten topics of this tutorial we will look at spatial analysis in more detail.

Many issues can arise from making a poor choice of map scale.