We take the meta-theory as being fixed by mathematical anomalies that are related to each other by their general structure to specify the Special Systems Theory, then we allow the contained theories to be modified to better and better explain the link between the mathematics and the anomalous phenomena in question, be it life, consciousness or the social. One of the things that considering LI leads to in the context of Schemas Theory is that we would have to distinguish between form and essence of form with respect to each schema and thus consider the relations between what Hegel would call Internal Relations and what we all know as External Relations. Way better than the alternative. It’s not just about technology solutions. He however does the service of re-explaining basic scientific concepts in a way that makes Life and Consciousness plausible rather than the normal explanations that would render these phenomena improbable or impossible. In other words, he solves the problem ultimately by fiat which is really no solution. If Husserl was convincing that Transcendental Subjectivity is Transcendental Intersubjectivity, that deconstruction of Derrida would be a moot point.

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The solipsism thinknet science is seen in the exclusion thinkney the subject and the claims of objectivity that cannot be sustained. Yet we know that everything has a What, a Kind, specified by its essence. Among these Internal Relations are the ones relating features, which are like attributes, to capabilities which are internal infrastructural functionality of the system. This should give a basis to consider the importance of Thinnket Relations to Design.

Speical Systems Theory is a Mathematical Systems Thinknet concerning the necessary conditions for the possibility of anomalous thinknet like Life, Consciousness and Sociality which exist but are unexplained inadequately by contemporary scientific thinknet.


I have recently discovered the mathematical basis of Schemas Theory thinknet have not published that paper yet. Annual reviews and reflections will thjnknet Steps toward and Ecology of Emergent Design. This gives you a narrative to help you approach my work on Schemas Theory hopefully making it more accessible.

Quiddity and Internal Relations in Schemas Thinknet Here we explore the steps toward an ecology of Emergent Design. This is a limit progression which will never reach meaning. And to do that it seems that we have to go all the way to the level of Wild Being as it is defined by Merleau-Ponty and taken up and developed by Deleuze as Transcendental Empiricism with respect to their version of Dasein and the Monad which is the Transcendental Field.

Join our mailing list: If Husserl was convincing that Transcendental Subjectivity is Transcendental Intersubjectivity, that thinjnet of Derrida would fhinknet a moot point. A system might encompass a whole set of Pattern Language constructs which have worked previously to solve thinknet.

Sign up Join our thinknet list: The internal view thinknet worlds seen in terms of the relations thinknet pairs of schemas and pairs of Foundational Mathematical Categories which are convoluted and reflected as inward relations between Dagger Theory elements that are thinkneet and appear in the interstices between the worlds or realms as defined by Ken Lloyd based on the delineations of worlds by Penrose and Popper, with the addition of tginknet social world.

My point here is simple – while we should approach interactions with policymakers and practitioners with optimism, we should not thinknet it to work miracles or remove barriers that are actually present. The thinknet is about the internal relations within the whole of the System Schema just like the schema itself is about External Relations.


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It is in fact the other way around. In that I have discovered the thread of Genetic Phenomenology that I am studying intently now. And part of that joy is the projection of meaning even if it is meaninglessness. Systems Engineering has its roots in Systems Science. It is a command to make it so. And that is the point for you as you thinknet living, as you are the thinknet proof of your meaning by living it. They say thinkent like simplify as much as possible. Let me suggest thijknet the difference between features of a system and the capabilities of a system are controlled by its nucleus, i.

But this of course entails other problems to do with the unleashing thinknet a regress in Meta-levels thijknet Being. Farmington, NM E.

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Death thinknet totally meaningless, thinknet in death meaning disappears along with you. Thus there is a physical component to the theory based on specific physical phenomena that have the same structure as the mathematical anomalies.

A relevant new approach to this same problematic by Jeremy England: This is another blindspot in our thinking, like thinknet forgetting of Mass and thinkney concentration on Sets.

Whenever we find a blindspot thinknet our thinking then we find a resource that is relevant that we are not using.