Jul 06, Theresa rated it did not like it. Titties like mangoes, firm, sweet, and ready. Nathan of course being the premier , but also Joseph Of course there is much more to Sister Souljah’s autobiography than the children she crusades for; she had to go through some things before reaching a platform from which she could stage her fight to help empower disenfranchised children. I love how she moves readers, her existence speaks throughout the book and as I turn each page it was almost as if I was right in the very moment going through her experiences with her. Sonya’s spiel was truly potent , and Chance I just adored It was consistent about how she felt and what happened through her eyes in her relationships, but it had a moral at the end.

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However, this is a moving read with a great insight to life through the “under privileged” eyes. It made me connect with her as a writer. I would like to first say that this book was an interesting read as far as mixing racism and politics with drama.

She talks about the destruction racism has caused blacks all over the world and then takes up basic racial beliefs about people constantly. She details her activities and involvement as a college and community activist, and her personal dedication to African American youth and the establishment of the African Youth Survival Camp. While reading most of this book I could hear the passion and fierceness of her voice from issues young black women face to racism.


She used it very well.

No Disrespect

It might have been the grainy black and disrespetc photo of her on the cover, the serious look in her eyes, her pretty, youthf read this: But she was making a declaration right from the jump – no disrespect. I really did not enjoy this book at all!! It was an excellent read!

Sister Souljah describes this in every obstacle she no disrespect sister souljah for every setback she found a lesson learned, or knowledge gained.

He will tell you that the two of you can be together forever. Her text connects to you on an emotional level. Now she uses that voice to deliver what is at once a fiercely candid autobiography and a survival manual for any African American woman determined to keep her heart open and her integrity intact in modern America.

Nov 26, Shakila Lightfoot rated it it was amazing Shelves: She’s self-inflated, hypocritical and thinks her body is some kind of gift to the world that no guy can resist. Read it Forward Read it first.

No Disrespect – Sister Souljah – Google Books

Booklist Review Sister Souljah, rap singer, political activist, Warhol-type celebrity, has written a book that focuses on the people who have contributed to the development of the aware “sister” she has become.

Titties like mangoes, firm, sweet, and ready. Sister Souljah is a wonderful writer to me. I felt disrespected while reading this book. Sister Souljah no disrespect sister souljah me on a very personal, deep trip throughout her life as a bold, black woman growing up in poverty. I love the way that the chapters are named after the people in her life and in the order in which they appear in her life.


Also her notion that women are only lesbians because they have been hurt disrespfct men, is an illogical and disrespectful idea. She spoke words from experience, hurt, happiness and true emotions one can encounter in any situation. Rapper, activist, and hip-hop rebel, Sister Souljah possesses the most passionate and articulate voice to emerge from the projects.

I do get her point to an extent but the hypocrisy is just Jul 19, Daa’Jah Wallace rated it no disrespect sister souljah not like it. About Sister Souljah Sister Souljah is a political activist and an educator of underclass youth. Stay in Touch Sign up. It was interesting, though I don’t think I’ll be reading it again.

She further emphasizes the importance of self-love and self-respect. Here is a gripping and searing account of the ferocious struggle for sexual identity and autonomy that confronts Let there be no Mulhall 26 Sisher World Literature This book I found to be empowering for young people who aspire to be great and can get tangled into a ball of mess we call life.