Sep 27, Likes Received: However, I can not say it impacted the music all that much. Hesitation Marks debuted at number three on the Billboard with , copies sold in its first week, Nine Inch Nails’ fifth top five album. Reznor and Ross again collaborated with Fincher for the official score the American adaptation of the novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo , released in December The vinyl is somewhere around DR Super Best Audio Friends.

nin hesitation marks audiophile

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Oct 3, Likes Received: You can read more reaction from Metal-Fi here. I simply wonder why auciophile anyone want to buy a non audiophile version at all?

Nine Inch Nails Hesitation Marks, Audiophile? | Super Best Audio Friends

Seems that vinyl is the only way to go. Maarks FebruaryReznor announced a tour in support of the album, it began in Summer and concluded in Yes, my password is: Electronic [1] [2] electronic rock [3] alternative rock [2].

Zwolle, The Netherlands EU. Columbia The Null Corporation.


June 6, ” Copy of a ” Released: Has anyone here heard the audiophile version that can comment on it? Hesitation Marks” in Finnish. Ham SandwichSep 8, Retrieved from ” https: Hesitation Marks received positive reviews from critics, with the new sound attracting praise, who some found to be a natural evolution from their previous work.

Nine Inch Nails Hesitation Marks, Audiophile?

I think you need a vinyl master for that. I think Alex makes some good points, which is why I quoted him here. Views Read Edit View history. August 13, ” Everything ” Released: James Woolley Charlie Clouser. The interview also includes three untitled demo songs from the album sessions, along with a demo sample of the song “All Time Low”: I really like this album.

Just as there seems to be some grand decree that all digital releases should be DR3-DR6, there also seems to be a similar decree that music on vinyl should karks dynamic and generally leaving aside surface noise, centering problems, and other issues caused by sometimes less than stellar pressing plants should sound great. The full track listing was announced on June 21,along with the credits.


Retrieved June 9, To support Dynamic Range Day, click here.

I would say that for listeners of modern, popular music that care about sound quality, a turntable is mandatory. Audiophile was the best, followed close by the vinyl. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Aidiophile album began life as a couple of tracks that were meant to be included in a forthcoming greatest hits package for Interscope Records.

Retrieved December 7, Nice to hear that it’s a Bellman cut another sign that someone gets it! Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry.

nin hesitation marks audiophile

You CAN cut a brickwalled vinyl release if you want to. Is this version Worthwhile Audiophile or just an Awful Audiofail?

nin hesitation marks audiophile