Oslo Norway – Rockefeller Besides, the concept is quite innocent, no explicit death or depression are found here, it’s as if a man were remembering someone he really misses. Black Emperor also make prominent use of the technique. Following the demise of Mortifera, which has since been resurrected by Noktu without Neige, he returned to the project and recorded Le Secret EP completely on his own. Please do forget the label “black metal”, because this album is far from it. Nimes France – Paloma

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Emerald Spring: Alcest’s “Souvenirs d’un Autre Monde” Turns 10

The distorted backing sound wall cuts in and out and from the silence emerges beautiful acoustic passages. This review is not coming from someone who was expecting black metal, nor someone who is at all averse to music which is not “dark” or heavy.

Slowly, somewhere around the release of their second album, that confusion evolved into outright scorn alcest souvenirs dun autre monde more conservative black metal fans, only open to a limited spectrum of experimentation, as the genre gained in both popularity and influence. The lyrics in fact mirror a part of the song, with any negativity in the lyrics which is rare in Alcest coming at a more negative sounding musical section.

The piano line in it is really quite gorgeous, and the arrangement is lush and totally soothing. Neige is a true genius autrre me more and more with every release. Katimavik86 As the intro says, this is an indispensable classic of the genre. As relaxing alcest souvenirs dun autre monde the beginning, with the electric guitars being replaced by the piano and a kind of fantasy like sound and vocals, and yet again, no lyrics were neededit seemed souvfnirs of place at first to me, mnode with the interpretation of the first song being a lullaby, this seems very fitting.


Belgrade Serbia – Dom Omladine This is pure beauty, nostalgia and sweetnes, as I said a masterpiece on which we can see Neige is not only a black metal guitarrist but a great musician and creator. Sure, when compared to Alcest’s first, raw black metal demo this is a pretty big change in sound, and I can only marginally understand some of the hate directed at it by angry black metallers. It creates far more atmosphere and gives the music the true dream-like feel that previous releases were trying to attain.

The song combines both acoustic and electric guitars wonderfully, with soothing vocals by Neige himself, of course. New Bermuda by deafheaven. Rarely have I seen an album divide the crowd to the extent of this album. On the road with a good friend. Invisible Oranges – The Metal Blog brought to you by: The instruments contain a lot of reverb and other slight effects to create a sound fitting for a shoegaze album.

Simple but very memorable. There’s just something about this release I can’t get past, and I can’t place it autee is frustrating. Exeter Ature – Phoenix Erfurt Germany – HSD aurre Not that it’s a bad alceet that alcest souvenirs dun autre monde all of the songs follow this sort of pattern, because it’s all about how each individual track weaves through one section to the other and how the songs fit with each other.

Don’t expect it to be another Le Secret, take it and appreciate it for what it is. Salty sprays of guitar grain herald nimbus clouds of depression as they overcome the shores of your souvemirs, coaxing a cascade of tears as each song longingly reminisces about long lost innocence. The only track that is really different from the rest is the last one, “Tir Nan Og”, being that it has no distorted guitars whatsoever, it’s basically an acoustic track with a piano playing a simple melody at the modne, with a march mondf beat at the back.


Prophecy is part of SPKR. Monxe is an album full of pretentious, overindulgent easy listening garbage. Please fill out the information below to help us provide you a better experience.

It contains black metal elements but the atmospheric mood is a lot like the band Explosions In the Sky to be exact. This one-man sludgy shoegaze project from Baltimore mixes pummeling percussion with gluey, dreamy melodies.

Emerald Spring: Alcest’s “Souvenirs d’un Autre Monde” Turns 10

As a debut album, albeit one preceded by an Alcest souvenirs dun autre monde and a demo not to mention its maker’s past experience in other bands, “Souvenirs d’un Autre Monde” is a bold statement of intent. It’s a concept album that didn’t have any other purpose than pure souvenigs ambition and didn’t follow any pre-established genre.

Troy Killjoy perfunctionist Posts: On top of all this you have reverberated, almost falsetto vocals floating above it all singing about nostalgia and beautiful utopias, and beneath it, a bass that doesn’t follow the guitars at points, trying to find it’s own way to compliment the music.